Marshalls Return Policy

marshalls return policy

This summary of Marshalls’ return policy is provided by Budget Fashionista for informational purposes only. These policies are subject to change. You can find the official Marshalls return policy here.

Standard Return Policy for Items Purchased in Stores

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, return the merchandise accompanied by a register receipt within 30 days of purchase for an exchange or refund in the original form of tender. A 10-day period is required for a cash refund on check purchases.

Return Policy For Items Purchased Online

If you’re not satisfied with your online purchase, don’t hesitate to return it within 40 days of your order date, unless otherwise noted on the packing slip. We

Easy Returns

You may return Merchandise purchased in-store to any open Marshalls store within 30 days of purchase. · Our return policies are always subject to local, state

If I Have My Receipt Do I Need My Credit Card?


When I specifically questioned this over the phone with Marshalls, I was informed that “Yes, the physical credit card needs to be present for money to be put back on to it.” ”.


There is very little leeway on this one because Marshalls has a strict policy.

No returns will be accepted for items that appear to have been used, worn, or otherwise damaged.

There are a few return policy exceptions worth noting:

– Gift Cards: Not eligible for a return.

– Cosmetics: You cannot return them if they have been opened or tampered with.

– Handbags: If you spent over $499. 99 on a handbag you cannot return it in-store. Call Marshalls at 888-627-7425 to discuss your options.

– Long Occasion Gowns: Can’t return them in-store.

– Items worth more than $1,000 are ineligible for in-store returns. Find out your options by calling the above number.

– Final Sale Items: Guess what? You cannot return them. Sell them on eBay if you don’t want them.

– Swimwear and undergarments: Items must still have the original price tag attached to be returnable and are still subject to a 30-day return policy.

40 days.

Marshalls extends the return period for online purchases by 10 days.

You can mail things back or return them to your local Marshalls.

Bring your receipt or email with the shipping confirmation when making a return in-store. Remember that your packing slip also serves as your receipt.

Use the return shipping label that was provided in your package and adhere to the instructions when mailing a return.

Be aware that you’ll be hit with a $9. 99 fee for mail-in returns, and it will take 10–14 business days for them to credit your account after they receive your return.

For this reason, always return in-store when possible.

Your original form of payment will be credited with all online purchase refunds.

Before you shop, see also: 12 Things You Must Know About Costco’s Return Policy.

What About a Return to a No Longer Available Credit Card?

I actually had a commenter ask me this, so I called Marshalls to find out the answer.

Although the representative I spoke to had heard of some managers who offered cash back, she said that in most cases store credit would be given.

So while it doesn’t hurt to request cash, be ready to receive store credit.

Yes, but you’ll only have the option of an equal exchange or store credit equal to the item’s current selling price.

What Happens When My Original Payment Method Was a Check?

You must wait 10 days for your check to clear the bank if you want a cash refund.


Marshalls has the right to reject your return if they believe you are abusing their return policy.

This usually happens when you make too many receipt-less returns.

In order to prevent misuse of their policy, they track all returns.

When making a return, you’ll have to accept merchandise credit if you made an in-store purchase using PayPal.

If you made an online purchase using PayPal, your refund will be a charge-back credit to your PayPal account, less a $9 processing fee. 99 S/H fee.

Here are a few more key details regarding the “return policy”:

– No merchandise purchased in Canada may be returned to a Marshalls location in the United S. , and vice versa.

– You must return items to a Marshalls location; you cannot return items to a TJ Maxx location.

– Stuff bought in-store cannot be returned online.

– Exchanges are not allowed for online purchases.

What positive, negative, or neutral experiences have you had with Marshalls’ return policy?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


Can you return Marshalls without receipt?

For non-received returns, a valid government-issued photo ID, name, address, and signature are needed. They may also be needed to use any resulting merchandise credit. The name on the merchandise credit must match the name on the photo ID that is presented for it to be used.

How long do you have to return something at Marshalls?

You have 30 days from the date you made an in-store purchase at Marshalls to return it for a full refund, as is common with return policies. You’ll need your receipt and the attached tags in order to return your item.

What is Marshalls return policy?

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