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In a now-viral TikTok video, user Josh Rincon interprets the return policy of Nike by playing the roles of employees and customers. The social media user claims in Rincon’s video that the athletic brand can accept shoe returns after 30 days if the footwear is defective by looking at the manufacturing date. The clip has been viewed over 2. 5 million times since its publication on Oct. 19.

Customers can exchange shoes for a new pair under Nike’s return policy within two years. However, these do come with specifications. Nike shoes or clothing can be returned within two years of the manufacture date if they develop flaws in the materials or workmanship, per the brand’s policy on its website. These products are eligible for full refunds within 60 days of the date of purchase and must be returned to a Nike store or website, depending on where they were bought.

To return an item from a website or app order or from an online order placed at a Nike store, you must first contact Nike if it has been more than 60 days and less than two years since the item was manufactured. Items bought in-person must be returned to the store where they were first purchased; however, if you are unable to return your items in-person, you must contact the store to learn about your options.

If a pair of defective shoes is returned to a non-Nike store that sells Nike products, it must be done so at the original retailer. If customers are unable to return their shoes to the store where they were originally purchased or if the retailer has directed them to Nike, they may file claims with Nike.

Information regarding returns will be printed on labels, hang tags, or warranty cards for particular Nike products with particular written guarantees or warranties.

What Is Nike’s Return Policy?

All purchases made on, in any of the Nike apps, or at a Nike store have a 60-day return period. Go ahead and test out your Nike or Converse

We Explain the Nike Return Policy

You have 60 days to return Nike items for a full refund. This 60-day policy goes for all Nike items, including those “Nike By You” sneakers

You have 60 days to return Nike items for a full refund.

This 60-day policy goes for all Nike items, including those “Nike By You” sneakers you decked out. Your items must be unwashed, unworn, and have the tags attached to qualify for a full refund.

There isn’t much flexibility after the 60-day mark, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck, according to the Nike Customer Service representative we spoke with. This policy has a small flaw, which we’ll explore next.

Technically, Nike lets you return items after 60 days — but only if there’s a product defect or flaw. If that’s the case, you can return your item for a replacement or refund within two years of your purchase. The manufacturer’s guarantee even covers washed or worn Nike items.

You need a receipt to return purchases you made at a Nike store.

Hold onto those receipts after you shop in store. Your receipt serves as the only documentation of your purchase since you don’t receive an order number or email confirmation when you check out. You can only return items for store credit if you have the receipt.

Nike Members are the only exception to this rule. They should be able to look up your order and issue you a full refund if you provided the cashier with your membership email or scanned your Nike Pass at the register.

You don’t need a receipt to return purchases from or the Nike app.

Online or app purchases are a bit easier to return. You’re good to go as long as you have your order number or barcode on hand.

Not only are in-store returns free, but it’s also your easiest return option. Bring your items to a Nike store and show your barcode or order number to an associate. You can find your barcode at or in the Nike app (iOS / Android).

Here’s how to process a Nike Member return by mail:

  • Visit your order history after logging into your Nike Member profile.
  • Choose “View or Manage,” then “Start Return,” after finding the order you’re returning. ”.
  • Choose the items you want to return and state your return’s justification.
  • Submit your return and select your preferred method of return (prepaid label or QR code).
  • Drop off your return package at a nearby UPS store.

Nonmembers (or “Guests,” as Nike refers to them) do not receive the same return benefits as Nike Members. You are free to select the shipping company of your choice, but you are responsible for shipping costs.

Here’s how to process a Nike Guest return by mail:

  • Go to Nike. com/orders and enter your order number and email address.
  • Choose the items you want to return and state your return’s justification.
  • Submit your return to see the return shipping address.
  • Drop off your return at a shipping location nearby after securely packaging it.

Need a different color, size, or fit? Bring your item to a Nike store to exchange it for something else. If the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, contact Nike Customer Service to set up an exchange.

You’ll only have 14 days to return Apple Watches to Nike.

Apple Watches are not covered by Nike’s 60-day return policy for some reason. You have 14 days to return your Apple Watch to Nike, but there are some differences between online and in-store returns in terms of when you can do so. purchases:

The 14-day countdown for online purchases of Apple Watches begins the day the item is delivered, not the day the purchase was made.

Nike store purchases:

If you bought an Apple Watch from a Nike store, the 14-day countdown starts the day you made your purchase. Remember, you need a receipt to return purchases made in store.

You can’t return Nike items that are washed, worn, or without tags.

If you’d like, you can try your luck with a representative from Nike Customer Service, but it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a full refund unless your item has a manufacturing defect. Your best bet is to play it safe. Unless you are certain you want to keep the item, don’t remove the tags. Keep your item tidy and in its original packaging while you decide if you’re unsure.

It’s crucial to understand that Nike Factory stores and Nike Clearance stores are two different things. There are only about 20 clearance stores in the U. S. , but factory stores are far more common. While returns are not accepted at Nike Clearance stores, they are accepted at Nike Factory stores.

Once you buy a Nike gift card, it’s yours to keep. Spend it on a friend or sell it on

Unfortunately, Nike doesn’t issue refunds for gift returns. For the amount on the gift receipt, you can either exchange the item or get store credit.

When your return is received, they issue your refund, but processing can take up to 10 days. The destination of your refund and the bank or credit card you use determine the timing.

You will receive your refund if you used a Nike gift card or voucher within 24 hours of your purchase.

Returning your items in store is the fastest way to get your refund.

The cashier issues your refund right away for in-store returns. Conversely, mailed returns may take five to seven business days to reach Nike. You’re looking at a lengthy wait time if you factor in the processing period of up to 10 days. Take your return to a Nike store instead if you can’t wait to get your money back.

Where in the world is your return package and refund? You can get an idea by checking the status of your return online. Nike Members can sign in to their member account to see the status of their return. Guests can type in their order number and email address on Nike’s Order Lookup page.

It is true that you have 60 days to return custom “Nike By You” shoes.

If you made your purchase at a Nike Factory store, you have 60 days to return it there. Bring your receipt and confirm that each item is still wearing its tags. Remember: You cannot return items purchased from a Nike Factory store to a regular Nike store and vice versa.

If it’s been less than 60 days since your purchase, you can return the defective item to Nike for a full refund. If it’s been more than 60 days, contact Nike Customer Service to discuss your return options.

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Does Nike have a 2 year return policy?

Nike shoes and apparel have a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Nike technically permits returns after 60 days, but only in the event of a flaw or defect in the product. If that is the case, you have two years from the date of purchase to return the item for a replacement or refund.

How long do you have to return a Nike order?

How Many Return Days Does Nike Allow? 30 days. Items purchased from a Nike Store or directly from Nike can be returned within 30 days. com. By signing up to become a NikePlus member for FREE, you can extend this policy to 60 days.

Can you return Nike products after 30 days?

NIKE. COM RETURNS Nike. Within 30 days of the shipping date, com orders may be returned for any reason. Product may be returned after 30 days as long as it is unworn and unwashed.


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