Maurices Return Policy

maurices return policy

At Maurice’s, we understand that shopping for clothing can be a stressful experience. That’s why we strive to make our return policy as easy and stress-free as possible. We want our customers to be able to purchase and return clothing without any hassle or worry. Our return policy is designed to provide customers with a convenient and hassle-free experience. That’s why we make sure our customers can return or exchange any item purchased at Maurice’s within 30 days of purchase. We value our customers and want them to be fully satisfied with their purchases. We take pride in offering a superior return policy that is clear, simple and straightforward. In this blog post, we will outline the return policy for Maurice’s, so that customers can feel confident and assured when shopping with us. We will also provide detailed information on how to return and exchange items, as well as any restrictions that may apply. We hope that this blog post will help answer any questions customers may have about our return policy and

Return Policy

We happily accept maurices and evsie returns free, anytime, for any reason, to any store. For instructions on how to make a return, view our

Caring For You Promise

As always, maurices has a generous return philosophy. While items purchased in-store can only be returned to a store location, there is no deadline by when you


The generous Maurices return policy time limit is exactly zero. You don’t need to worry about the jeans you purchased before Thanksgiving, but a few weeks later, they don’t fit you as well. With no disdain, Maurices Free Returns will accept your ill-fitting jeans and issue you a full refund. But there are a few things to remember—not many—that I’ll go over for a simpler return trip. You’re welcome!.

Methods of Return

You can return your Maurices apparel either online or in-store.

maurices return policy

You can walk into your local Maurices store and return something you bought there or online.

  • Utilize the Our Stores link on the website to find a Maurices that is open and nearby.
  • Take your receipt with you. Maurices return without receipt is possible. However, you’ll receive store credit rather than a cash refund if you don’t have a receipt or a gift receipt.
  • If the store is closed, wait for it to open. There isn’t much you can do right now other than wait. However, the retailer pledges to keep their word and provide dependable returns for customers.

There are several options available to you for getting a refund for items you bought online. Utilizing the online Expedited Returns Portal is the quickest option.

  • Locate the original pack slip that came with your order. This slip lists the items you bought.
  • You will be directed to a page called Returns when you click the link on the store’s website.
  • Fill in your order number and your email.
  • To obtain your order number, contact Maurices customer service. You can call at 1. 866. 977. 1542. You can also use the LiveChat box or email.
  • To choose the orders you wish to return, adhere to the instructions on the Returns page.
  • Print the return label. Because it’s prepaid, it appears that the return is free. But even though you don’t have to pay for postage, Maurices will still deduct $5. 95 flat rate shipping from your refund. I believe it’s a small price to pay for the limitless return.
  • Make sure to pack the items securely before you send. The original packaging is ideal because it is less expensive than buying new packaging. Make sure to attach the return slip on the box.
  • Because you don’t want to confuse the courier, make sure all additional labels are removed.
  • Ship via US Mail or UPS.
  • Wait for processing. Since this is an “expedited return,” you should receive your money within one to four days.
  • Log into your Maurices account to track your shipment and see its exact location.

You can send the return using your shipping method to avoid paying the flat shipping rate:

  • Pack as you would for expedited shipping. Ensure that you send back every packing slip that was included with the original box or boxes.
  • Don’t forget to answer the questions about your return reason on the packing slip. Place it in the box with the item.
  • Remove all extra labels from the box.
  • Mailbox to the address listed on the “Maurice’s Returns” website You’ll be paying postage, of course. When your return is less than $10 in-store, this makes sense.

Maurices Refund Policy

The return policy at Maurices is quite lenient; upon receipt, you receive a refund in the same form as your payment. However, keep in mind that doesn’t include the free return shipping label that some other stores offer.

maurices return policy

A word of caution: If you pay with PayPal, the card that is linked to that account will not be eligible for a refund. Prior to receiving a refund, you will be charged shipping for returning the item to the warehouse. If I didn’t warn you, you might be in for a nasty surprise if you paid with PayPal and went to the store to make a return.

Mode of payment Mode of refund
Credit card payments Credit, within 30 days
PayPal Store credit, within 30 days

Return Policy for Various Products

Maurices has a straightforward return policy that only requires that the item be in good condition. However, there are some guidelines for returning items to Maurices by mail and in-store returns that you should be aware of, particularly for PayPal returns:

Products and purchases Product condition Return policy
All items bought in-store Good condition, with receipt Any time, in-store only
All items bought online Good condition, with pack slips In-store or online
Items paid for with PayPal Good condition, with pack slips Online only

Maurices Exchange Policy

Like the returns policy, Maurices’ exchange policy is also comparatively straightforward. But it’s less friendly than the returns policy. You can’t exchange items you bought online. The only other choice you would have was to return it and order something in the desired size, color, or fit.

maurices return policy

Products and Purchases Condition Exchange Policy
All in-store purchases In-store exchange
All online purchases No exchange possible.

Merchandise Cards

You can return items to Maurices even if you don’t have the original receipt thanks to their return policy. But the credit card you used to make the purchase will not receive your refund. You’ll be offered a credit to a Merchandise Card instead. You can’t go wrong with a merchandise card to be saved for later if you like the Maurices look.

Maurices Gift Cards

Maurices Gift Cards are great for loved ones. But if you want to return something you bought with a gift card, the gift giver gets the credit. Consequently, this is one store where returning a gift is not worthwhile!

Maurices Return Policy for COVID-19

The return policy at the retailer through COVID has not changed. The processing of returns or the opening of stores in your area might just require a little more patience from you.


maurices return policy

A: Maurices has nothing against returning clothing that has been worn a few times. They won’t object if you return them as long as they’re in good condition.

A: Yes, you can still return items without a receipt; however, you will only receive store credit as payment.

There is no time limit on how long an online order can be returned. But let’s be reasonable. If you’re considering returning the five-year-old sweater that was given to you, Maurices might not accept the return of an out-of-date item.

Q I recently made a purchase from a business that is currently closed. Maurices is very kind and tells you to wait for the store to open, how do I return or exchange the item? They will make good their promise for no-deadline returns.

Q I want to return an item to Canada. At Maurices’ Canadian stores, you can return any item, or you can mail it with a pre-printed label. The Maurices return address is on the website. Use a dependable carrier, such as Purolator or Canada Post, so you can track your package.


If you’ve purchased a truckload of unwanted goods, Maurices’ return policy with no receipt isn’t very accommodating. But the no-deadline returns makes a lot of buyers happy. Any pre-holiday purchases that don’t look so great after being stored for a few months don’t have to end up in the trash. You’ll also find it easier to send out your return boxes now that you are aware of how returns are handled at these retailers. Good luck!.

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What is return policy for maurices?

As always, maurices has a generous return philosophy. There is no time limit on when you must make this return, even though items bought in-store can only be returned to a store location.

Do I need my receipt to return at maurices?

We can assist you in returning or exchanging your item(s) at your nearby Maurices store as long as you have a gift receipt or the original receipt. We can give you merchandise credit for the current cost of the item(s) even if you don’t have a receipt and the item is in returnable status with tags.

How long after you buy something can you return it?

California, for instance, mandates that retailers display their refund policies prominently unless they provide full cash refunds or store credit within seven days of the purchase. Customers may return items for a full refund within 30 days of a purchase if a store complies with this requirement.

Are returns free on maurices?

We want you to be happy with every purchase you make from Maurices (OK, amazingly great). Anytime, for any reason, we gladly accept Maurices and EVIE returns to any store.

comparing STRAIGHT *and* PLUS sizes from maurices!

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