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makeup return policy target

There are numerous cosmetic products available in Target’s in-store beauty departments. Numerous customers can buy makeup at affordable prices from over 150 brands. This retailer is your one-stop shop for all of your skin, hair, and makeup needs because the beauty departments offer a variety of new and well-known brands.

But how many times have you purchased makeup from Target only to find that it doesn’t fit properly or is the wrong shade?

Regardless of whether the makeup has been opened, Target accepts returns. The best window for doing this is 90 days after product purchase. You should also take the original receipt with you.

Although this is fantastic news, especially for makeup lovers, there are a few things you should be aware of. These cover the kinds of cosmetics that can be returned, the implications of using a Target RedCard when purchasing cosmetics, and the reasons that your return request might be denied.

Although the 90-day window is the customary time frame, you can still return makeup after that time frame—but there’s a catch. If you purchase the makeup using a Target RedCard, you have up to 120 days to return the item.

A Target RedCard functions similarly to a debit or credit card. %20When%20you%20use%20it%20for%20your%20shopping,%20you%20get%205%%20off%20at%20Target%20and%20https://www target. com/Target. com. Additionally, you have an additional 30 days to return or exchange any applicable items.

Even better, you can return makeup within the first year of purchase if it is a brand owned by Target.

If you didn’t pay with a Target RedCard and the item is not a brand owned by Target, you can still return it after 90 days. The catch is that you won’t receive a full refund. Alternatively, a gift card that can only be used in-store will be given to you.

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Changed your mind? We’re happy to accept returns for a full refund within 90 days for most items. Add an extra 30 days if you paid with RedCard. And

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Can You Return Makeup To Target?

You might not guess it by reading Target’s standard return policy, but yes! You can return makeup to Target. In most other cases, Target does not accept returns on items that have been opened or used, but the company allows customers 90 days to return makeup products as long as you have a receipt.

Better yet, if you bought your makeup using your Target RedCard, you have a full 120 days to return it if necessary (for cosmetic brands owned by Target, you have a full year to do so).

You won’t be eligible for a full refund if you exceed the return day cap. Instead, you will receive an in-store gift card for the item or items you’re returning, which is good for the most recently listed price.

Are There Limits On Makeup Returns?

There are some restrictions to this return policy, despite the fact that it is adaptable and makes experimenting with new makeup brands a little less stressful. Target won’t accept empty or nearly empty makeup containers. Target’s makeup return policy mentions returns being accepted “within reason,” which leaves a lot up to the manager or employee you speak with. We’ve heard accounts of some people having their returns rejected even though they complied with all the rules. So just be aware that there aren’t any certain guarantees when it comes to returning makeup before you start shopping.

How To Return Makeup To Target

Returning makeup to Target is easy. You won’t even require a receipt if you return your cosmetics within 24 hours. Simply go back to the store where you bought it, and the staff there will be able to check the history of your purchase.

Otherwise, you must bring a receipt or other form of purchase proof when you arrive. Simply mention that you wish to return your makeup item to a staff member at the point of sale or at guest services. The manager or employee will have the discretion to accept or reject your return. This will depend on a few things, including when you purchased the makeup item and how much of it you have used. You might not be able to complete the return if the item is determined to have been used more than lightly.

For online purchases, you will still be able to complete your return, but this will have to happen through the mail. To initiate a return for an item purchased online, simply follow these step-by-step instructions provided by

Can You Return Makeup To Target Without Receipt?

There are restrictions, but you can return makeup to Target without a receipt. You won’t be required to show a receipt if you return an item to a Target store within 24 hours of buying it because the store will still have a record of your purchase. However, you will be required to present proof of purchase if you return an item more than 24 hours after making the purchase.

Target will accept packing slips, return barcodes, and receipts as three different types of proof of purchase. Your return might not be accepted if you don’t have any of these.

What Does Target Do With Returned Makeup?

Although their policies are ambiguous regarding what exactly they do with returned makeup, we believe they do not resell it. There’s a chance that unopened, unused makeup could wind up back on the shelves, but most makeup returned to Target is either thrown away or sent back to the manufacturer for disposal.


Yes, Target accepts returns of opened makeup. However, the decision to accept your return rests solely with the employee or guest services representative. They might not accept your return if you used your makeup more than would be necessary to tell that you didn’t like it.

Can you return makeup at Target if you don’t like it?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target for any reason. Just be ready to justify your actions to the guest services representative or staff member you speak to. They will ultimately decide whether or not to accept your return.

Yes. You can return any kind of makeup to Target, whether it is opened or not, if you have a receipt and you are within the permitted return window.

Items that cannot be returned to Target include:

  • Collectibles that have been opened or are broken, such as special edition Barbie dolls and sports cards
  • Personalized items
  • Digital downloads
  • Opened or unsealed breast pumps
  • Giftcards
  • Returns without a receipt might be restricted at the managers’ or employees’ discretion.

You can view Target’s full list of restrictions on returns and exchanges here.


We hope that cleared some things up. Although Target has a lenient return policy for cosmetics, you must keep your receipt and finish your return before the allotted time period has passed. Additionally, keep in mind that there is a chance your makeup return won’t be accepted even if you have followed all the guidelines. You should be fine as long as you don’t use too much of the makeup you intend to return.


Can I return used makeup at Target?

Products that have been used up or are almost finished cannot be returned to Target. Their return policy covers damaged goods as well, such as dried-out makeup. In addition, you have 90 days to return the merchandise along with the original receipt.

Can I return makeup I don’t like to Target?

Free fun Add an extra 30 days if you paid with RedCard. Additionally, you have a year to change your mind about any registry items or brands owned by Target.

What Is Target’s Return Policy?

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