Lululemon Return Policy Worn

lululemon return policy worn

As an avid athleisure enthusiast, shopping at lululemon is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only does the company provide excellent products and services, but they also have a great return policy. The lululemon return policy allows customers to return any items they are not completely satisfied with, including items that have been worn, within a 14-day window of purchase. This policy is incredibly accommodating and convenient for customers, especially since many other athleisure brands have more restrictive return policies. In this blog post, we will be exploring the details of the lululemon return policy, which covers items that have been worn. We will be discussing the conditions, guidelines, and processes involved in returning a worn item to lululemon. By the end of this blog post, you should have a better understanding of the lululemon return policy and feel more confident about returning any items that are not up to your standards.

Product must be unworn and unwashed, with the hang tags attached, and accompanied by proof of purchase Keep in mind, gift cards, face masks, and gear from our We Made Too Much section are final sale and can’t be returned or exchanged.

Quality Promise

If our product doesn’t perform for you, we’ll take it back. While we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting gear, our quality promise does not cover usage


If a quality issue occurs with your shoes within our 30-day trial period, we’d be happy to set up a return on your original method of payment. If an issue

You have 30 days to return Lululemon items for a full refund.

All products from Lululemon, including shoes and like-new purchases, have a 30-day return policy. You won’t receive a full refund for your return after the 30-day window, but you can try your luck with a Performance Return or a Like New trade-in. We’ll explore those regulations in more detail later on in this post.

Lululemon returns must be unworn, unwashed, and have all tags attached.

We completely understand your desire to try out your new purchases, but if you aren’t completely smitten with them, it’s best to be cautious.

Until you’re certain you want to keep them, try to keep your Lululemon purchases in their original packaging with all of the tags still attached. In order to receive a full refund for Lululemon shoes, you must return them in the box they were shipped in.

You don’t have to pay for Lululemon returns in store or by mail, so you can shop with little risk even if you don’t absolutely love your purchase.

You need a receipt to return purchases made in store.

To return an item you bought at a Lululemon store, you’ll need your receipt. Only by doing so can a Lululemon employee confirm your purchase and handle your return.

After you make an online purchase at, you’ll get an email with your order number and confirmation. Your order confirmation email will act as your receipt if you need to make a return down the road.

When you exchange items in-person, a Lululemon employee can process your refund instantly. Additionally, you won’t need to monitor your return package to make sure it arrives or deal with potential shipping delays.

Here’s how to return Lululemon items in-store:

Bring your items to a Lululemon location, and ask a staff member for assistance with your return. Display the employee your original order confirmation email or receipt so they can confirm your purchase. After that, you should be good to go!.

If you can’t make it to a store, you can easily mail your return back to Lululemon.

If there isn’t a Lululemon store near you, mailing your return is probably more practical. Simply submit your return request online, then deliver your package to a nearby FedEx or USPS location.

Here’s how to return Lululemon items by mail:

  • Visit the Lululemon Returns page online.
  • If you have a Lululemon account, sign in there, otherwise enter your order number and email address.
  • Print your shipping label after choosing the items you want to return.
  • To track the status of your return, submit your return request and look for your RMA (return merchandise authorization) number in your email.
  • Affix your shipping label after placing your items in the reusable shipping bag or box.
  • Drop off your package at any USPS or FedEx Ground shipping location.

With a Fast Track Return, you can receive your refund in a flash if you’re returning fewer than three Lululemon items. Within two hours of delivering your return to a shipping location, you’ll receive a refund.

Remember: You cannot receive a refund through Fast Track Returns using your original payment method. Lululemon will instead send you an e-gift card in the amount of your refund via email. You can use a Lululemon e-gift card online or in-store, and they never expire.

Here’s how to process a Fast Track Return:

  • Sign in to your Lululemon account online.
  • Select the “Fast Track Return” option on the Lululemon returns page.
  • Select your FedEx or USPS return shipping label.
  • Fill the reusable shipping box or bag with your items, then attach the shipping label.
  • If you want a Fast Track Refund, drop off your package at a FedEx or USPS location so a courier can scan it.

How to Trade In New & Gently Used Items

There is still hope if you failed to return your items within the allotted 30 days (or if you removed the tags too soon). With the Like New program, you can exchange new and gently used Lululemon products for an electronic gift card. Many items are eligible for a trade-in, but they must be in excellent working condition with no visible signs of damage.

You will receive the following amount for each qualifying item you trade in:

  • Tanks, tees, short- and long-sleeved shirts, shorts, and more are all $5.
  • $10 – Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Pants, Crops, Leggings, & Dresses
  • $10 – Bags
  • $25 – Coats & Jackets

Not all Lululemon items qualify for a Like New trade-in.

The majority of clothing and bags for both men and women are eligible for a like-new trade-in, but accessories, skincare products, and a few other items are not.

The complete list of goods that you cannot trade in through the Lululemon Like New program is as follows:

  • Accessories (headbands, hair ties, scrunchies, mittens, hats, water bottles, socks, masks, and so on)
  • Yoga Props (mats, blocks, & straps)
  • Intimates (underwear, bras, & bodysuits)
  • Lululemon Collaborations (Barry’s, Roksanda, etc.)
  • Swimsuits & Rash Guards
  • Selfcare Products (cleansers, moisturizers, hand sanitizers, etc.)
  • ivivva Products (no longer made by Lululemon, but sold secondhand)

Trade in Like New items at any Lululemon store in the U.S.

Bring your Like New items to a Lululemon location so a staff member can check them out. They’ll add up your items if they look good and send you an e-gift card right away. There is really no risk because you can keep any items that don’t comply with the trade-in requirements.

Don’t forget, you can also return Like New purchases for a full refund within 30 days.

Yes, Lululemon’s 30-day return policy even covers Like New purchases. The catch is that you can only return Like New items by mail and that you’ll be responsible for paying the return shipping. You’ll pay a flat rate of $7. 50, which is deducted from your refund.

Here’s how to return Like New purchases online:

  • Visit Lululemon’s Like New Returns page.
  • Enter your name and order number.
  • View your return authorization number and return instructions.

You can’t send back Like New items with a Fast Track Return.

Fast Track Returns are not applicable for Like New items because Lululemon must examine your items before issuing your e-gift card.

If there’s an issue with your item after the 30-day mark, you can request a Performance Return.

Lululemon backs their durable gear with a Quality Promise. Requesting a Performance Return will allow you to return an item that doesn’t live up to expectations and exchange it for an e-gift card.

Keep in mind: To be eligible for a Performance Return, your item must exhibit some sort of flaw or defect. The item won’t pass Lululemon’s inspection if it appears to have been damaged in any way, such as by being torn or stained.

Fill out a Performance Return request form to get started.

Returns are a bit stricter under Lululemon’s Quality Promise. You must fill out a Performance Return request and include pictures of the item you wish to return. Within 12 to 15 business days, Lululemon will review your request and get back to you. If they accept your request, they’ll send you an electronic gift card via email.

Here’s how to submit a Performance Return request online:

  • Go to Lululemon’s Performance Request Form.
  • Read the instructions and requirements for the form.
  • Fill out your contact information and add your product details.
  • Submit your request and wait for a response from Lululemon.

Despite the fact that Lululemon claims they don’t accept Performance Returns “beyond an item’s practical lifetime,” they don’t keep a close eye on this. No matter how long it has been since you last requested a Performance Return, your Quality Promise coverage NEVER REALLY expires.

Like New purchases don’t qualify for a Performance Return. For a complete refund, you must return them within 30 days. Alternatively, you may trade them in once more through the Like New program.

You can’t return Lululemon gift cards, face masks, or items from the We Made Too Much section.

Items from the “We Made Too Much” section, face masks, end-of-year clearance, and gift cards from Lululemon are all final sales. Therefore, unless you are a Lululemon member, you won’t be able to return them. (Lululemon customers can exchange final sale items for store credit in-store. ).

These days, the majority of retailers follow a fairly standard policy. Stores like Lululemon try to do it in-store only because it takes a long time (and costs a lot of money) to ship your item, process your return, and then reship your exchange item.

According to the Lululemon exchange policy, you must visit a Lululemon store to make the swap if you need a different style or size.

You can only return Lululemon items to a regular Lululemon store. If you don’t have a Lululemon store near you, mailing back your return is your next best option.

You can only return Lululemon swimwear if the hygienic liner is intact.

This is understandable for basic health and safety reasons. Always keep the hygienic liner on if you buy swimwear bottoms from Lululemon until you are certain you want to keep them!

It can take three to 10 business days for your refund to show up on your account.

Give it some time if your refund doesn’t appear on your account or bank statement right away. Three to ten business days may pass after Lululemon issues your refund before it appears on your account.

For in-store returns, Lululemon immediately issues your refund; however, mailed returns take longer. Your return might not be processed for an additional three to five days after it returns to the warehouse. The total amount of time it takes for your refund to appear is affected by all of this.

Refund timing also depends on your bank or credit card company.

Some banks and credit cards require additional time to process your refund, so it depends on the original payment method you used to make your purchase. If you still don’t see your refund after three to 10 business days, contact Lululemon or reach out to your bank directly for more info.

You can find out where your refund is by checking the status of your return online if you’re curious.

Visit Lululemon’s Order Tracking page and type in your order number and email address. You can also sign in to your Lululemon account if you have one.

If reading the fine print of return policies drives you crazy, don’t miss our in-depth guide to returns. We sorted through the confusion and gathered all the crucial information about the return policies at your favorite stores. AccountHot amazon Deals.


Does Lululemon replace damaged items?

Usually, Lululemon will try to fix your product before refunding or exchanging it. They accomplish this by hiring seamstresses who can fix seams, buttons, zippers, etc. through outsourcing. If a product cannot be fixed, they will either issue a refund, a gift card for the current value, or an in-store exchange for a new item.

Can I return over 30 days at Lulu if I never wore?

Items from Lululemon can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. All products from Lululemon, including shoes and like-new purchases, have a 30-day return policy. You won’t receive a full refund for your return after the 30-day window, but you can try your luck with a Performance Return or a Like New trade-in.

Can I take back Lululemon after 1 year?

You have 30 days from the date of purchase with Lululemon to return an item for a full refund. You have 30 days from the delivery date to cancel an online order.

Can I exchange my Lululemon leggings if they rip?

If requested, the retailer will make this modification even if you bought the item used. Lululemon will also patch holes or ripped seams, so your leggings will truly last you a lifetime—another shopping insider tip.

Will Lululemon Really Replace Damaged Clothes?

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