Light In The Box Return Policy

light in the box return policy

You can learn everything you need to know about the Light In The Box Return Policy from this article, which will benefit you. Light in the Box is an international online retail company. It is famous for selling lifestyle products. Liang Zhang and Quzi (Alan) Guo founded it in 2007. It is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Return Policy

Note: Items that can be returned/refunded within 7 days of receiving must follow the criteria as below: 1. Items are in the original packing with tags. 2. Items

Return Policy

Note: Items that can be returned/refunded within 7 days of receiving must follow the criteria as below: 1. Items are in the original packing with tags. 2. Items

Conditions de Renvoi :

For items with no quality issues, please make sure that the items being sent are unused and in their original packaging. Prior to being sent to our return address, all resend requests must be approved by our customer service team.

Articles Non Renvoyables

We are unable to accept returns under the following circumstances: Articles ayant dépassé le délai de garantie. 2. articles that have been used, worn, or carried but have an incorrect or erroneous étiquette 3. The following categories of products cannot be returned for client-related reasons:

*Client justification: more necessary, mistakenly purchased, not as expected, changed Davis, etc.

Avant d’effectuer une Demande de Renvoi

You must wait until you have received the package in your hands before making a request for resend if you wish to cancel your order while it is being shipped for any reason. Because cross-border transportation necessitates intricate procedures, a national and international declaration, as well as local and international transportation companies

Our customer service won’t be able to assess the condition of the package if you refuse to accept it upon delivery or fail to pick it up from your local point of collection, and we won’t be able to handle your return requests as a result.

If the package is returned to us for a personal reason from the customer (see details below), we’ll get in touch with you to arrange for a new payment of the shipping costs (via PayPal). Please understand that no refund will be issued in this circumstance. Détails pour raison personnelle du client :

* Invalid contact information/no response to delivery emails and phone calls

* The customer declines to accept the package, pay the taxes, or complete the declaration

* Na pas récupéré le colis à la date limite

Adresse de Renvoi et Remboursements

Address for sending: Please send your products to our China warehouse. Please always submit a “Retour or exchange” ticket to the customer service to obtain the return address. Please DO NOT send your package back to the address listed on the receipt shipping form. We won’t be held accountable if the packages are delivered to the wrong address.

Refunds: The refund will be applied to your LightInTheBox credit account. You can use credits to pay for a new order or you can cancel it on the account or original payment method that you used earlier. Les frais dexpédition et lassurance dorigine ne sont pas remboursables.

Remarque :

If you want to send the product back, please click “Commande Reçue” to confirm that you received your package. Ensuite, envoyez un ticket “Retour ou échange”. We apologize for not offering a return service etiquette. Veuillez contacter notre service client pour obtenir des conseils. After receiving your ticket, our customer service representative will review your return request in accordance with our policy, the guarantee, the status of the item, and the provided evidence.

We are no longer liable for any improperly managed post-purchase orders that were placed without prior approval from Lightinthebox. We also require justifications for each demand, such as the taking of photographs or video evidence, etc.

Période de Demande des Colis Traçables

Please be aware that none of the delivery companies accept requests submitted during the investigation period. Please get in touch with customer service within the required time frames if you want information about packages you haven’t yet received. Merci de votre coopération :

*Express Delivery: 30 days from the date of shipment

* Postal/Priority/Air Economy Delivery: 60 days starting from the shipment date

* Postal tracking service: 90 days from the shipment date

Request for follow-up and review of the delivery of the package

After a specific shipping period, we’ll send you a delivery tracking email and invite you to share your shopping experience. * Nous espérons que vous avez apprécié notre service. For a chance to receive rewards, you can verify delivery and edit comments. If you don’t make any updates, our system will automatically confirm delivery.

* If you have not yet received the package, please get in touch with customer service for more information.

If you require assistance, please visit the page: Contact Us.


Can you return items from LightInTheBox?

We can arrange for a refund of the item price if you are not satisfied with your purchase and the item is still in brand-new condition. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees. Within seven days of receiving your order, kindly submit a “Return or Exchange” ticket.

How long does it take to get a refund from LightInTheBox?

Most of the time, we will process your package and refund your money within 48 hours.

Is LightInTheBox a legit website?

Is LightInTheBox legit? Yes. LightInTheBox was established in 2007 and offers services to customers worldwide. It trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Some reviewers who complained about having trouble contacting customer service claim that the company has resolved their problem.

Where is the company LightInTheBox located?

The location of Light In The Box is in China, as you may have already guessed.

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