Eyebuydirect Return Policy

eyebuydirect return policy

Eyebuydirect strives to ensure that customers have a positive and satisfactory shopping experience. We understand that sometimes shoppers need to return an item, so we have created an easy and straightforward return policy to allow buyers to do so. We believe that our return policy meets the needs of customers while keeping the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. In this blog post, we will provide you with an overview of our return policy and the steps you need to take to make a return. We will also discuss our return options, if any, and the refund and exchange policies associated with them. We want you to be as informed as possible about our return policy so that you can shop with confidence and get the most out of your Eyebuydirect experience.

Shipping and Returns


Returns & Replacements Return for a one-time replacement pair of equal or lesser value, or request a full refund within two weeks of receiving your order!

Terms and Conditions of Use


Please see our Shipping & Returns policy to understand our return related practices. We provide free returns on all of our products during these time periods.

What if my replacement order value is less than return item?

In such a case EyeBuyDirect will give you a refund.

Yes, you can start your return by calling 1-855-EYEBUY1 (1-855-393-2891).

The eyebuydirect credit is valid for use, but only for a year after it has been issued.

The specifics of the EyeBuyDirect return policy must be understood by you. Therefore, even if you are unable to return the item within 14 days, you will still be covered by the 365-day guarantee. Although you will lose most of your privileges. Like you won’t be able to come back for any reason at all You can only return items if there is a defect. If so, you can proceed with the current replacement and refund procedure.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and let us know in the comments section. You can also read some of our other articles, such as those on the return policies of Argo and Overstock.


Is it easy to return to EyeBuyDirect?

It’s simple to make a return; just go to your account profile’s My Orders section and choose the return-item option. After your order is placed, the return-item button will be accessible for three months. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request, a member of our customer service team will contact you.

Is EyeBuyDirect owned by Amazon?

EyeBuyDirect is not owned by Amazon; rather, Essilor is the owner of EyeBuyDirect.

Is EyeBuyDirect a Chinese company?

Roy Hessel founded Eyebuydirect in 2005; he was succeeded as CEO by Sunny Jiang, who has held that position since 2017. The business operates in China and the United States and markets its goods internationally. Eyebuydirect. TypeSubsidiaryProductsEyewearParentEssilorLuxottica (2013–present)Websiteeyebuydirect. com.

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