Audible Return Policy

audible return policy

If you’re an Audible member and you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you can easily exchange or return an Audible book as long as it’s within 365 days of the date of purchase. You can experiment with a new narrator or story thanks to this risk-free exchange policy without having to worry about losing credits. For detailed directions on how to return Audible books, continue reading. Table Of Contents.

Audible Return Policy

Returns must be made within 365 days of purchase. Our ability to offer this policy is dependent on our members using it only for these purposes. We reserve the

Can I return my book?

Returns must be made within 365 days of purchase. Our ability to offer this policy is dependent on our members using it only for these purposes. We reserve the

What You Need to Know Before You Return a Book on Audible

There are two major problems with the Audible return policy, one of which directly affects you as a subscriber and the other of which indirectly affects you because it is terrible for authors of audiobooks. And you, as a devoted listener and perhaps even fan, need to be aware of that as well!

The information provided by Audible about how often you can exchange an audiobook is false to you as a customer. Many Audible customers believe that the audiobook service functions like a digital library and that you can always get multiple audiobooks for one Audible credit by just repeatedly returning audiobooks.

Audible constantly advertises the exchange service, and sometimes customer service will even directly encourage you to return an audiobook once you’ve finished it and get a new one.

Therefore, it’s simple to believe that you can continue purchasing the same titles and still get something new for your Audible credit. This is rather misleading!.

Because it can be a really unpleasant surprise to receive an email from Audible one day saying that you have “abused the rules” and are no longer permitted to exchange titles. A message like that would definitely freak me out, I don’t know about you.

The Audible credit system is not a library. When you give back an Audible book after finishing it, it’s as if you had purchased a book from your neighborhood bookstore, read it at home, and then returned it to get something else.

Two exchanges per year are mentioned by Audible in the fine print. You most likely will have the option to return more books, either through their website or customer service. However, they will undoubtedly prevent you from using more than one Audible credit to purchase audiobooks.

This brings us to the second problem you must be aware of if you want to return an Audible book that you have already listened to.

Audible is a giant company and belongs to Amazon. Therefore, it stands to reason that they would pay for the ability to exchange audiobooks as part of their service to you as a customer in order to gain an advantage over rivals. But they don’t! (… pay for it, that is. ).

When an audiobook is poorly produced and no one can stand to listen to it, that seems fair and makes sense. Or when the story doesn’t actually have the promised length. It protects Audible and us subscribers from fraudulent publishers.

You would think that the author and narrator would be compensated for their work, though, since they undoubtedly deserve it, when listeners finish an audiobook and enjoy it to a reasonable extent, but Audible still encourages them to return the audiobook.

Many people thought it was indeed Audible that took the loss for exchanges, paying royalties to the audiobook creators while giving you back your Audible credit. Until a glitch in Audible’s royalty statements allowed creators to see how unexpectedly high the return rate actually was and what a huge amount of money they lost.

This led to an outcry among audiobook creators. Don’t forget that many small publishing companies and self-published authors also produce audiobooks, paying for them out of their own pockets in addition to major publishers like Penguin RandomHouse.

Because many audiobook creators are small businesses or just one person trying to share their work with us, Audible didn’t pay royalties to them, so what they offer you as a seemingly generous service didn’t cost Audible a dime.

An audiobook costs thousands of dollars to produce, and if authors can’t recoup those costs, they might not turn more of their books into audiobooks—which is bad for us listeners as well!

Due to public outcry, Audible changed its policies and will now compensate authors for returned books that are returned more than seven days after the original purchase. That’s definitely a win for indie publishers!.

In a subsequent move, they stopped allowing returns for Audible books bought with cash, such as g. Whispersync deals. Many independently published authors and small audiobook publishers sell their audiobooks for $7 through the Whispersync service. 49 when you purchase the audiobook along with the ebook or after using Kindle Unlimited to borrow the ebook.

In light of this, Audible’s decision is also very advantageous to independent audiobook producers.

However, it’s still crucial that you, as an Audible subscriber, are aware of the bigger picture and understand how the authors and narrators of the audiobook you listened to are compensated.

Let’s move on to the specifics of returning an Audible book now!

Please be aware that the app does not support Audible returns. To return a book on Audible, you must either use a browser or get in touch with customer service.

Considering how much Audible advertises this feature, it is surprisingly buried in the settings. But even though they aren’t the most logical ones, you can still get there in 3 clicks.

In the top right corner, click on “Audible Account Details” to start. Click on your name to get to the dropdown menu. The menu will open with Account Details as the first item.

audible return policy

Your membership information will be listed in a menu on the left side of the new page. Click on Purchase History.

audible return policy

All of the Audible books you have previously purchased will now be visible to you, and those that are returnable will have a button next to them. Select your justification for exchanging the Audible book by clicking return. And that’s it!.

audible return policy

Audible books used to remain in your library after you returned them in the past, but this issue has been resolved. After exchanging an audiobook, you will receive a refund and the book will no longer be available in your app.

Exchangeing books that you don’t like and can’t finish, or that you can’t listen to due to technical difficulties, is completely acceptable and understandable. Alternatively, you may discover that A reads your audiobook. I. and not narrated by a real voice actor.

But please think carefully about which titles actually merit an exchange. Remember, it’s not always Audible that takes the loss!.

There are many better options for more affordable audiobook listening if you’ve “re-used” Audible credits in the past due to the high cost of audiobooks. These options will guarantee that you can legally listen to as many audiobooks as you want while paying authors and narrators fairly.

One choice is to subscribe to an unlimited audiobook service like Hoopla, which you can access with your local library card, Audible Plus, which is free for Audible Premium Plus subscribers, or Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, which offers thousands of audiobooks.

Another choice is to purchase inexpensive audiobooks, which are significantly more affordable than an Audible credit, such as those from Amazon Whispersync deals or Chirp audiobooks.

Happy listening, and may none of the audiobooks you purchase be terrible!


How many times can you return Audible books?

Two exchanges per year are mentioned by Audible in the fine print. You most likely will have the option to return more books, either through their website or customer service. However, they will undoubtedly prevent you from using more than one Audible credit to purchase audiobooks.

Why can I no longer return books on Audible?

There are many reasons you may not be able to return a book on Audible, including the following: The most frequent ones include the fact that you may have already returned too many audiobooks or that you are no longer an active Audible Premium Plus member, as well as the fact that you bought the audiobook more than 365 days ago.

Can you return a book on Audible?

Our return policy enables active Audible Premium Plus members to return titles purchased inadvertently or try a new narrator or story without losing a credit. This policy applies only to titles purchased with credits. Returns must be made within 365 days of purchase.

Has Audible changed its return policy?

Returns must be made within 365 days of purchase. Our members must only use this policy for these purposes in order for us to continue offering it. We reserve the right to keep an eye out for returns that violate the terms of service, such as those that are excessive, frequently returned titles after repeated listening, or multiple titles returned at once.

How to Return a Book on Audible

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